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Policies & Warranties

Diamond Grading Guarantee

Every Fincher & Ozment diamond is graded according to Gem- ological Institute of America (GIA) standards and is guaranteed to grade out exactly as it is described on your sales receipt or insur- ance valuation. If you have any doubt about the grade of your diamond (within 30 days of purchase) we will gladly send it to the GIA (at your expense) for grade verification. If the color, clarity and carat weight are not exact, you may return it for a full refund or exchange it for one with a GIA grading report matching our original stated color, clarity and carat weight.

Best Price Promise

If you find a diamond of the same color, clarity, shape and carat weight at a lower price within 30 days of purchase, we will refund you the price difference plus an additional 10% for your troubles. (Provided both diamonds are graded by the same grading labora- tory.)

Lifetime Diamond Upgrade

Fincher & Ozment offers a lifetime upgrade when you buy a diamond from us. If you decide to trade in and trade up, you’ll receive the full amount of your original purchase towards the purchase of a new diamond of greater value. No requirement to double your money or double your carat weight, like most jewelers. For example, if you buy a diamond today for $3000 and want to trade it in a year for a diamond that costs $3200, you’ll have to pay only $200.